Meet Your Maker

ONE TOOL… “Send me off into the mountains, deep into the woods, through the desert or into the streets of the biggest city and tell me I can only take one tool with me. My answer will ALWAYS be THE KNIFE! “


-Peter Kohler, Owner of Dark Timber Custom Knives

ABOUT ME: Husband, Father, Hunter…. I live my life in this order. It is my love for nature and the outdoors that lead me to my OBSESSION with knives. Living high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains allows me every opportunity to put my creations to the test. Whether on an Elk hunt or just bush-craft camping in the High Country; I love applying the art of primitive survival. It is my belief that as long as you have a good knife by your side, there is no obstacle the mountains will give you that you can’t overcome. That is why I forge my blades full tang with a minimum size of 4 inches, so that, when called upon, they will respond proudly.  

Peter Kohler Bio

   My Father raised buffalo and horses and growing up with the Western Culture, for me, was a gift. This is why often you will see hints of the old west and rustic style in many of my hand made blades. I have been honored to be guided by Dan McNeil in the art of blacksmithing. I believe that the uniqueness of each hand-forged knife expresses the personal relationship between metal and maker. Lastly, I am thankful for the opportunity to do what I love. I’ve been blessed in life with a loving wife who has encouraged me to follow my passion and by each of you who even look at my work and give me the opportunity to follow my dream creating custom made knives.

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