5 Reasons Why Custom Knives Are Ideal To Own

5 Reasons Why Custom Knives Are Ideal To Own:

Used 12 million years ago as mankind’s first tool, knives have continued to make changes and morph through history to still remain one of humankinds most trusted and effective tools.

Originally composed of bone and rock they have become more effective with the use of metals and alloys and made authentic to the current individual with custom handmade knife options with many varieties catering to individuals for specific uses.

1. Efficacy-custom knives have a longer life, accessibility, and are often used for

multiple uses.

2. Durability-handmade knives have extreme sharpness and precision, as well as

being corrosion resistant.

3. Craftsmanship-custom knives are authentically hand forged and hammer

marked, using fine metals and alloys.

4. Uniqueness-custom knives are individually designed, one of a kind knives

designed to meet specific and personal preferences.

5. Varieties-many varieties of handmade knives are available to cater to ones needs:

  • Skinners knives-hunting/outdoors-removes the hide without damaging it. These blades are very sharp and effective against corrosion.

  • Camp knives -outdoors- be prepared for whatever you may encounter with a custom made camp knife. These blades are known for being versatile, strong, and capable of all of your outdoor needs.

  • Rustic-Flavor for the Old West? Then custom rustic knives are made for you. They would be a great addition to your personal antique collection and customized to your individual taste.

  • Chopper & Bowie-outdoors/indoors-intended for hardcore jobs and usage with maximum slicing ability and extreme strength. Economical and practical for skinning, cutting meat, eating, fighting duels, hammering and numerous other functions.

  • Tactical-outdoors/indoors-effective for everyday tasks, survival and defensive needs. Known as “fighting utility knives,” they are used for everything from clearing foliage to close quarter combat.

  • Utility-outdoors/indoors-everyday tasks-finger grooves for superior handling as well as being easily accessible and lightweight. Very popular in the remodeling and updating of homes, slicing everything from dry wall to trimming baseboards, they are very household savvy.

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